Artists to Watch
April 2023

Anastasiia Novytska, Mathilde Lam, Nima Javan, Gojkovic, ILHAN, Sam Solooki



Mathilde Lâm is an artist whose work is deeply rooted in her search for her own heritage and identity as a half-Asian person. She draws inspiration from Taoism and explores the balance between… more



1. I am an emerging pessimist digital artist who does AI/Stable Diffusion assisted antinatalism themed art in the renaissance style. AI assisted, not AI created, there's a huge… more

United Kingdom

We all live in the same planet and environment but with our own backgrounds and individual characteristics. This planet belongs to all beings and creatures that are under the leadership and… more



I work in two main disciplines: photography and digital art (digital collage and photomanipulation). All my… more


I have always been interested in my environment, politics, cultures, social issues, etc. and the effects on us as individuals and society. At the same time I love modern architecture and… more


My name is Anastasiia Novitskaya. I was born in Ukraine. I have had a passion for drawing since childhood. All the time I was in search of myself. I was not interested in listening lectures, so I… more


Artists to Watch
March 2023

Vincenzo Cohen, Halaburda, Muhammad Adam, Mohmadsohel, Islam Allam, Lee Ellis



Islam Allam is a self-taught digital artist from Cairo, Egypt, was born in 1992. Allam was drawn to graphic design at an early age and used digital software to… more


The creative process of my work born from life and travel experiences. My artistic path is like a long jouney in search of myself and existential answers. I travel a lot looking for sources of… more


Who are we without others? As individuals we can only accomplish so much, there comes a point when we understand the importance of community. An excellent example comes from the global pandemic,… more

United Kingdom

My name is Muhammad Adam, I am an Artist & Painter originally from Bolton but recently relocated in Blackburn (UK). I specialise in realism & surrealism in the form of landscape &… more

United States

In addition to the psychological effects of the environment on our behavior, my art process delves into the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions.

It calls upon… more


“For me, painting is a way to forget life. It is a cry in the night, a strangled laugh.” Georges


My first biggest decision that set the path for my career was choosing a… more


Artists to Watch
February 2023

Daniel Oruwhone, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Anastasia Dżupina, Rogerio voltan, Luci Carneiro, Kare Williams



Daniel Oruwhone (b. 1996, Ilorin, Kwara) a native of Delta state, lives and works in Lagos Nigeria. His paintings depicts and honor the African diaspora, reimagining new forms of aesthetic beauty… more


I bring paintings, mostly in oil, with a personal perspective involving the stories of other individuals. Within the arts, I work on the effect of saturation and luminosity in the palettes.


In my work I focus primarily on the human being, emotions and internal rifts, referring to my own experiences. I often use earth colors, as well as various shades of yellow, which is sometimes… more

United Kingdom

The focus of my practice is the exploration of the personal and the collective unconscious through art. Dream and symbol interpretation is a key element of my creative process, which… more


Professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in the international market. His portfolio includes photos and books published in the… more

United States

Kare' Williams is an African American artist from southeast Washington DC. His work explores what he calls the ordinary. The ordinary can be anything from a flower on the ground that is just… more


Artists to Watch
January 2023

Ziyi Huang, Ziemowit Fincek, Ruthorn Rujianurak, Beatrice Badioli, Michelle Vara, Kaloian Toshev MZK



I consider my work like a folded panel that was unfolded into a flat painting. when I think of my painting this way. I got the sense of order. A side that appearing first in your mind and that… more


The result of my creativity is a creation consisting of an excess of received and felt stimuli from the reality that surrounds me. The works are a commentary on various topics such as: human,… more


Turning women into the queens they really are.


I'm an italian illustrator. My work is tainted by the animal universe, present in almost everyone of my illustrations. Animals, plants and humans come together in new forms.
I traines mainly… more

United States

My work is interested in the politics of the universal consciousness and tethered to the lineage of the Abstract Expressionists; it engages with Jungian ideals  that there is a shared… more


In a sense, painting can be considered as a communication between the visible and the invisible. At the moment when the… more


Artists to Watch
December 2022

Natallia Kasaverskaya, William Josephs Radford, Jéssica Pereira Gaspar, Yin Lu, Rodion Voskresenskii, Sebastian Steimel, Bela Balog, Julianne Nash, Bright Kontor Osei



Bela Balog was born in 1970 (Senta). He lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. He considers himself primarily as a digital artist of deconstructivism and futurism.  He mixes a lot… more


I am a visual artist born in Portugal and my work develops from exploration of Nature, from observation of growth cycles and the passage of time on organic forms, as a way of understanding the… more

United States

The images submitted are from the series “Ennuipocalypse”, a newly developed term  by climate scientists to describe our rate of extinction. While the media often depicts extinction to be… more


Yin Lu's artworks identify with different elements of nature and render a playful and unique place in several instances among such elements in Brisbane. With influences as diverse as Western art… more

United Kingdom

These are no ordinary photographs of flowers. On the surface they may appear very normal, however the technique which was used to capture them is completely unique and never been done before.… more


I am interested in gazing life from different perspectives. By using a still or video camera I usually have fractions of a second to react before a certain moment is gone. I try to adjust to the… more


I was inspired to create these works by nature, its greatness and versatility. Nature in my painting is presented in human form, which helps to reflect on our place in this world. Giving an equal… more

United States

I come from the shores of Ghana and grew up selling items on the streets. As an artist, I turn back to the streets and find a source of inspiration to paint and draw. In my work, I celebrate the… more


R. Voskresenskii's work is a mixture of figurative subjects surrounded by long-lasting emotional sequences and a deeply sensual environment containing a lot of real and fictional objects.



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