Sebastian Steimel


Sebastian Steimel is a photographer with a focus on street & documentary photography. He was born in 1984 near Cologne, Germany.  Growing up in the village with limited access to art and… more
Faith Emmaline Davis


         My name is Faith Davis, and I am an artist and art historian from Lawton, Oklahoma in the United States. I have a MA in Art History from Texas Tech University and a… more
Belmiro Antonio Jemusse


Belmiro Jemusse, also known as Jemmiro in the art scene was born in Mozambique on March 16, 1976. He moved to South Africa in 2003 to practice as a full-time artist and to escape what he describes as… more
Milad Karamooz


Milad Karamooz, an artist and photographer hailing from Iran, was born in 1982. His journey into photography was self-guided, specializing in conceptual staged photography and landscapes. His… more
David Yang


Raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, David Yang strives to let both his love for the Garden State as well as his Chinese heritage find a unique way of seeing and translating the world into his… more
erica dionora


My illustrations are explorations of narratives that tie together elements of environmentalism, social trends, cultural identities, and fantastical contexts. Through art, I intend to spark … more