Emanuela Camacci


Since my early childhood I have loved to draw and model, so much so that I identify completely with what I realize and imagine. My works are inspired by nature, physical and emotional experiences… more
Sarah Asante


Sarah is an emerging Artist specialising in Collage and Photography. Her work is influenced by her heritage of Ghanaian and Indian which makes her pieces both colourful and bold. Sarah was brought up… more
Brut Carniollus


Brut Carniollus is a visual artist and photographer specialized in photography based digital collage and digital graphics executed as original digital UV prints. His approach tends to be reductional… more
Efrat Baler


A New York based multidisciplinary artist who paints outside of the boundaries of the frame, creating 3-dimensional painterly sculptures and reliefs. Exploring alternate ways to view and exhibit… more
Chenhui Zheng


 I am currently studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York in the Illustration Department. 
Aleksandra Rasulic


Animals, plants, birds... as well as other elements of nature, dominate this artistic proposal under the use of personification as a stylistic figure. Within this imaginary landscape, the presence of… more