Siham El kandoussi


A self-taught abstract painter and amateur photographer. Born and raised in Morocco in 1980. Siham is inspired by the avant-garde abstract expressionist artists, the enriched and omnifarious culture… more
zahra shadi davari araghizadeh


حدود 25 سال است که با نام شادی در دنیای هنر فعالیت می کنم. من در دبیرستان و دانشگاه نقاشی خواندم و در حال حاضر دانشجوی دکترا در مقطع دکتری هنرهای اسلامی هستم و نزدیک به 40 نمایشگاه گروهی داشته و در… more
Mia Mondora


Mia Mondora is a multimedia artist from the state of Ohio. Painting was her main passion until she began to explore different media in college, specifically sculpture and ceramic art forms. Focusing… more
Rachel Romanowsky


Rachel Romanowsky is an American/British contemporary artist currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work is about process, interactivity and relationship. “I paint interactions. A landscape and… more
Aleksandra Rasulic


Animals, plants, birds... as well as other elements of nature, dominate this artistic proposal under the use of personification as a stylistic figure. Within this imaginary landscape, the presence of… more
Anton Tony Karbouski


Not an artist yet, although many say otherwise