Sebastian Errazuriz Sebastian Errazuriz Rozas


Starting from architectural elements that encompass the sense of rational configuration, I rescue figures and objects that are coupled in an atmospheric color palette, changing the meaning between… more
Payam Yasini


Payam Yasini is a Visual Artist based in Iran/Tehran.PhD in Philosophy of Art. Art Professor at the Islamic Azad University. Participation in more than 30 exhibitions and competitions inside and… more
Ferris Bullish


Visual ₳rtist, #NFT maximalist disrupting late capitalism #CryptoArt since 2020 #TrashArt  #WAGMI #CC0 ​
Alex J


Lover of portraits, realism, surrealism, graffiti, music, fashion, street art, and photography, digital media.
Thu Nguyen


     About me:   I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Being very shy, I spent much of my childhood hiding away in my bedroom painting, instead of playing with other children. My first brush with success… more
CJ Shapiro


Institutional and individual prejudices have become normalized, idealized, and redefined as patriotism. These aggressions have grown to be widespread and extreme while lives and liberties have been… more