Is art taking stand in modern political issues?

By Huneremin, 12 December, 2022

The current world political situation is filled with Wars, pollution, corruption, and subjugation of humans (the powerless, workers, and poor). Where is art from all the world problems? Is art detached from the actual daily human struggle? Why is there a massive gap between contemporary art and normal ordinary people? Is art more advanced than the collective society, or is it detached from reality? 


10 months 3 weeks ago

"Yes, art has often taken a stand on political issues throughout history and continues to do so today. Many artists use their work as a way to comment on current events, social issues, and political issues, and their art can serve as a means of activism or social commentary. Some artists may create works that are directly related to a particular political issue or event, while others may use more subtle or symbolic means to convey their message. The role of art in political activism and social commentary is an important one and has the power to inspire change and spark discussion on important issues."


9 months 3 weeks ago

Good question. I met quiet a few of political activist artist from europe and asia.

From what Ive seen, there is so much art and artists can to to affect politics. Art may induce people to re-think. But in most cases, it ends up leaving its mark within its own bubble, which is many cases is limited to its own ivory tower such as galleries and museums. Even graffiti art is no more than yet another bill 


7 months 3 weeks ago

Sehr gute Frage, da ich sie mir oft selbst gestellt habe. Auf der suche dort hin fand ich zuerst sehr wenige Künstler, die sich mit Themen, aktuelles Zeitgeschehen oder Geschichte in der Malerei verarbeiten, aber beim genaueren hinsehen gibt es dann doch sehr viel Kunst darüber. Ich verarbeite selbst viel über Themen wie z.B. Kindesmissbrauch, Corona Politik, Kolonialismus, Diskriminierung, weil ich aufgreifen möchte um nicht zu vergessen und den sozialen Umgang mit anderen Mitmenschen fördern möchte.


5 months 1 week ago

I think art is most definitely still apart of the commentary. All the art I make is literally apart of some form of social commentary or feeling. Yet, I do feel that in a way, there is an insulated complacency with "Fine Art". In a way, I argue contemporary art is so busy being a protest against something traditional, that at times it feels that there is a disconnect. However, there have been plenty of artist who do use their work to create commentary. Still, you just can't escape the sporadicalness of being seen or not as an artist to be put at the forefront of your commentary, not really.