Juan González Iglesias


At age 29 I experimented a spiritual awakening and it was translated, among other issues, in the development of a big artwork. I was moved to mix spiritual matters with pop culture, because this was… more
Carl Yonder


I tend to be a private person, and am naturally less inclined to speak to the specific meaning of my work. I believe doing so may only work against any deeper meaning conveyed to you the viewer. In… more
Alex Cuff


Hi! I'm Alexis Cuff and I am a painter and textile artist that currently lives in Redford, MI with my husband and two daughters. In the very beginning, I showed an interest in the… more
Julie Kornblum


Julie Kornblum always wanted to be an artist. Most often, the artworks she envisioned were rendered with fabric, thread, and yarn. From a young age she was taught the rules, what is right and wrong… more
Jennifer Reynolds


Jennifer Reynolds is a Dublin based photography student in IADT, currently entering her final year. Her work concerns existential questioning and is centred around the natural world, she exploring… more
Gerardo Cesar Ibarra

New Zealand

Very well known for my solid skills developing several illustration styles and techniques, 2D Animation and Storyboarding. Multifaceted skills ranging from traditional noir illustrations, cartoony… more