Mario Keglevic


When I started to paint at age 10, I learned by studying Croatian naive artists, Ivan Generalic and Ivan Rabuzin, among others. Later when my style developed from naive art to more realistic art, I drew inspiration from the old Dutch masters, such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder. As a landscape artist, I love the harmonious compositions and peaceful sceneries in the old master's works. My main aim is to achieve the same cohesiveness in my work. I always use slightly exaggerated colours in my paintings than what they are in the reality in nature, to give the viewer a feeling of fantasy, or as I like to think, an invitation to step into the painting and experience the beauty and magic art has to offer.

I love to paint in detail and excellent detail work asks for patience. The more I have developed my patience over the years of my artistic career, the greater the detail work in my paintings has become. Because of this detailed work, I spend a significant amount of time on each artwork. The painting process itself for me serves as a meditation, it brings my mind to peace. I'm a war veteran from the Croatian war of Independence and having lived through such conflict in my life, I find harmonious and peaceful sceneries the only way for me to paint. My wish is that my paintings will also evoke a sense of peace in those who view them.

"The Twelve Chapters" collection of paintings, depicting my memories from my childhood to the recent day, gives an overview of my work in a naive art style. The rest of my collection of paintings is made in a realistic style, showing my progression from naive style towards realism.

Hidden Treasure is a painting about the natural world, its divine beauty, and the light we are drawn towards. I created it from my imagination as I would see it. I used a larger canvas size to create a more immersive viewing experience.  I named the painting Hidden Treasure, because for many people, sadly enough, the divine beauty of nature is hidden. Why would so many people otherwise contribute to the destruction of our environment if they really knew the significance of nature? Too many people live packe
Professional artist
Diploma Art and Design,